Joint police district discussed

Hubbard police

Preliminary results of a feasibility study to merge three police departments in Trumbull County were discussed Wednesday.

Youngstown State University Center of Urban and Regional Studies spent the last six months collecting data to determine if it would be economically and logistically feasible to merge the police departments in Hubbard Township, the city of Hubbard and Brookfield Township.

Brookfield Township Police Chief Dan Faustino said the results were vague about the economic impact because funding the district would mean the city of Hubbard would have to change to a property tax structure like Brookfield and Hubbard townships. Faustino said that change would have to be done at that state level.

“The stumbling block really right now is the funding. We need a funding source that would be sustainable for five to ten years,” said Faustino. “Everything is just really vague at the moment. We need to come up with some questions over the next ten days and turn those in to YSU so they can be considered in the study.”

A final study will be submitted to the group sometime in October.

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