Off-duty Pa. cop gets bail in fatal bar shooting

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A Pittsburgh police officer on worker’s compensation since 2010 posted bail on a criminal homicide charge for allegedly shooting a longtime friend during a drunken bar fight.

Officer Kenneth Farnan’s defense attorney got a judge to set bond Thursday after arguing Farnan wasn’t dangerous or likely to flee despite the serious charge.

Allegheny County Deputy District Attorney Lisa Pellegrini argued against Farnan’s release, saying evidence doesn’t support Farnan’s contention that he shot his unarmed friend in self-defense.

Police say Farnan, 50, shot Shawn Evans, 56, early Sunday in Condrin’s Tavern after Farnan accused Evans of hitting him in the head as Farnan was passing out from drinking shots of liquor.

Police say Farnan shot Evans as the men fought and fell to the floor. Farnan’s preliminary hearing is Sept. 27.

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