Question of the Day answers and winners


Mon. 6-2

Fri. 5-30  Rodney Dangerfield got no respect.  Ray Wagner

Thur.  5-29  Lazy Susan is found in the kitchen.  Cheryl Walker

Wed. 5-28  Mayonnaise is the #1 condiment in the United States.  Shaydeea Williams

Tue. 5-27  Kermit, Shrek, and the Grinch are all GREEN.  Michele Garman

Mon. 5-26  Ian Fleming created the character James Bond.   Becky Ventling

Fri. 5-23  The Griswold’s were the family on National Lampoon’s Vacation.  George Kalosky

Thur. 5-22  Mel Blanc was famous for cartoon voices.  Michael Crockett

Wed. 5-21  Yellow brick road is in the Wizard of Oz.  Rik Blake

Tue. 5-20.  A bibliophile is someone who loves books.  Virginia Skarada

Mon. 5-19  Justin Timberlake was in the band N’SYNC.  Dorothy Romeo

Fri. 5-16  Buckeye candies are made with chocolate and peanut butter.  Michael Fancher

Thur. 5-15  Croquet is a game that uses a mallet and wickets.  Stephen Garnier

Wed. 5-14  Hippocratic oath is taken by doctors.  Seannille McRae

Tue. 5-13  “I see dead people” was a line in Sixth Sense.  Cathie Pesa

Mon. 5-12  Lemon juice can be used for invisible ink.  RoseMarie Colucci

Fri.  5-9  Jerry Garcia was in the Grateful Dead.  Gina Grande

Thur. 5-8  Tagalongs and Thin mints are cookies.  Willie Peterson

Wed. 5-7  Rods and cones are found in the eyes.  Elizabeth Shank

Tue.  5-6  Water works and Jail are found in Monopoly game.  Seth Spayde

Mon. 5-5  Garfield hates Mondays.  Cindy Nunez

Fri. 5-2  “You can’t handle the truth” is from A Few Good Men.  Frank Raub

Thur.  5-1  Neverland Ranch was Michael Jackson’s estate.   Martin Crawford

Wed. 4-30  Billy Dee Williams played Lando Calrissian.   Vicki Foster

Tue. 4-29  Christopher Reeve played Superman.  Bruce Brewster

Mon. 4-28   Laika was the first dog in space.  Amanda Anderson

Fri. 4-25  Christopher Walken was once a lion tamer.  April Lawhorn

Thur. 4-24 Bozo, Krusty are clowns.  Jana Keuper

Wed. 4-23  Asian and African are species of elephant.  Christina Scullen

Tue. 4-22  William Morrison and John C. Wharton invented cotton candy.  Danielle Gilley

Mon. 4-21  Theramin is used to make music.  Sandi Loveland

Fri.4-18  Ten Commandments airs every Easter weekend on WYTV.  Marie Cramb

Thur. 4-17  Peeps are made in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  Kalyn Sharrow

Wed. 4-16  Pysanka is the Ukrainian art of egg painting.  Holly Hahn

Tue. 4-15  The Easter Lily is the flower most associated with the holiday.  Debbie Hnat

Mon 4-14  The White House Easter Roll was moved from the Capitol in 1878  Joe Kovach

Fri.  4-11  Na-Nu Na-Nu is from the TV show Mork and Mindy.   Roy Jordan

Thur. 4-10  Veritably is the first name of MR. Clean cleaning product.  Kathy Eavenson

Wed. 4-9  The first Astronauts were introduced April 9th, 1959. Ronald Leckfor

Tue.  4-8  The Louvre is in Paris.  Derrick Bailey

Mon. 4-7  Coffee is grown in Hawaii.  Beverly Leombruno

Fri. 4-4  Pawn, knight, and bishop are in chess.   Frances Barwinski

Thur.  4-3  Field of Dreams a corn field is turned into a baseball field.  Charles Halstead

Wed.  4-2  Captain America’s real name is Steve Rogers.  Frank Colucci

Tue 4-1   Blood, Navel, and Valencia are types of Oranges.  Wanda Baker

Mon. 3-31  Jim Davis created Garfield.  Ashley Gensburg

Fri. 3-28 An Ichthyologist studies Fish.  Paulette Johnson

Thur.  3-27  UFC is Ultimate Fighting Championship.  Linda Laughlin

Wed. 3-26  Popeye eats spinach.  Patti Mika

Tue. 3-25  Borscht is a dish that has beets.  Seannille McRae

Mon. 3-24  Pisces is a fish.  Cathie Pesa

Fri. 3-21  Norman Rockwell was an artist.  Beth Kredel

Thur. 3-20  Frank Sinatra sang “the Summer Wind”  Betty Horvath

Wed. 3-19  Birds fight pigs in the game Angry Birds.   Jay Hall

Tue. 3-18  Scarecrow wanted a brain.  Lor De Saulles

Mon. 3-17  Erin go Bragh means Ireland Forever.  Joseph Damore

Fri. 3-14  Noodling is a way of catching catfish.  Chuck Guzzy

Thur. 3-13  Cigars are kept in humidors.  Kenneth Paridon

Wed. 3-12  Chip and Dale are chipmunks.  Ashley Rosenberger

Tue. 3-11  Dracula is the character from Transylvania

Mon.  3-10  Alaska is the state with the most earthquakes.  Abbey Thomas

Fri. 3-7  Tom Cruise was married to Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes.  Diane Playforth

Thur. 3-6  Halitosis is bad breath.  Krista Thomas

Wed. 3-5  Medusa has snakes for hair.  Kim DePoy

Tue. 3-4  Alfred E. Neumann is the mascot for Mad magazine

Mon. 3-3      Titanic is one of three movies tied for the most Oscar wins.                Marilyn  Vuletich

Fri. 2-28  Steve Martin was the Oscar host in 2003.  Jonathon Zalk

Thur. 2-27  Schindler’s List is Spielberg’s first Oscar award movie.  Christine Undertaj

Wed. 2-26  Silence of the Lambs was the best movie of 1991.  Brenda Grant

Tue. 2-25  Slimey is the name of the green ghost in Ghostbusters.  Gerald Custer

Mon. 2-24 Star Wars was the prequel to Phantom Menace.  Monique Malmer

Fri. 2-21  Pinocchio’s nose grew when he lied.  Louella Gore

Thur. 2-20 Daily Double is featured in Jeopardy!  Theron Pasborg

Wed. 2-19  Ratatouille is about a rat who wants to be a chef.

Tue. 2-18  Elvis had bananas on his peanut butter sandwiches.  Va

Mon. 2-17  Betty White played Rose on Golden Girls.  George Sch

Fri. 2-13  Chicago is where the Valentine’s day massacre took place.  Isabella Grubb

Thur. 2-12  Laverne & Shirley worked at Shotz brewery.  Mar

Wed. 2-11  Cut, clarity, color, and carat are all terms used for diamond quali

Tue. 2-10  Flintstone’s live in Bedrock.  Jean Nocera

Mon. 2-10   Tracy Marrow is better known as Ice-T.  Lou Sitnic

Fri. 2-7  Marmaduke is a Great Dane.  Bob Harvath

Thur. 2-6  Dwayne Johnson was known as the wrestler “the Rock”.  Ant

Wed.  2-5  The movie Invictus is about Rugby.  Melissa Partika

Tue. 2-4  Flea is bass player for the Red hot chili peppers.  Arnold Naples

Mon. 2-3 Gatorade was made at the University of Florida.  Lavonne Slaven

Fri. 1-31  Star of the winning NFL team will go to Disney World or Disneyland.  Eric Lamb

Thur. 1-30 Phil Sowerby is the full name Punxsutawney Phil.  April Marino

Wed. 1-29  Macaroni, Galapagos, and YSU are all penguins.  Timmy Gremmels

Tue.  1-28     Winnie, Yogi, and Smokey are all bears.  Shirley Pappada

Mon. 1-27  Michael Corleone’s first wife was named Apollonia.    Robert Householder

Fri. 1-24  Steven Spielberg directed E.T.    Tim Torch

Thur. 1-23  Link is the star of the video game Legend of Zelda.  Suzie Lea

Wed. 1-22 Madonna starred in the movie Evita.  Marsha Kegley

Tue. 1-21  Brian Boitano won a gold medal in figure skating.  Myron Price

Mon. 1-20  Peyton Manning went to the University of Tennessee.  Holly Lacusky

Fri. 1-17 Charlie Brown is known as a blockhead.  Theresa Vrancich

Thur. 1-16  Field of Dreams is a movie about baseball.  Ginny Stewart

Wed. 1-15  Acrophobia is the fear of heights.  Ronelle Halfacre

Tue. 1-14  Franklin Roosevelt was 1st president to fly on official business.  Regis Chill

Mon. 1-13  Victoria Woodhull was the first female presidential candidate.  Juanita Dieter

Fri. 1-10 Lady Gaga wore a meat dress.  Debra Covino

Thu. 1-9   Tinky-Winky, LaLa and Po are Teletubbies.  Russ Palotta

Wed. 1-8  B.B. King named his guitar Lucille.  Linda Fultz

Tue. 1-7  Kelvin scale is a temperature scale.  Donna Arnal

Mon. 1-6  Slyvester chases Tweety bird.  Gertrude Hosea

Fri. 1-3  Cochlea is part of the inner ear.  Kennie Croskey

Thur. 1-2  Harry Potter has a lightning bolt scar.  Loretta Uroseva

Wed. 1-1  In Spain, eating a dozen grapes brings good luck in the new year.   Mary Lou Volchko





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