Photographer lends artistic eye

Shelly Katz

A world renowned photographer whose pictures you may have seen at one time or another spoke to members of a local club Wednesday afternoon in Warren.

Award winning photographer Shelly Katz who has worked for Time-Life magazine spoke to the Warren Rotary Club at Enzo’s on Elm Road.

Katz is retired and is currently working with the Library of Congress on curating photographs taken from the civil war period. He brought several pictures with him to the meeting which he developed with the original negative.

In a world where everyone is a photographer thanks to cell phones, Katz has advice for taking the perfect picture.

“In all my years at Time-Life, to make a great picture was easy. All you had to do was have great access,” said Kratz. “It’s all about access. That’s all it is. Anybody can make a picture if you are there. And if you are the only one there, you have the greatest picture of all.”

Katz has photographed every single presidential candidate since 1959 for Time-Life magazines. He has taken pictures of major news events around the world ranging from turmoil in the Middle East to Hollywood starlets.

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