Income tax changes in store for Niles

IRS taxes

NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – People living in the city of Niles might find they owe more on their income taxes than expected this year, due to changes passed by city council.

Niles has an income tax rate of 1.5 percent. They used to give full credit for income taxes city residents paid when working in other cities.

This year, though, the city is only giving credit for 1 percent of taxes paid to other cities.

Income Tax Director Lisa Smathers said Niles residents who work outside city limits might have to pay more come tax time.

“If you work in Warren, you will pay 2 percent to Warren. We will give you credit for half of that, and you will owe us the other half percent,” said Smathers. “If anybody has a problem, we will be happy to fill their taxes out for them here at the office, free of charge.”

The Income Tax Department is located inside City Hall.

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