PennDOT lifts driver restrictions


HARRISBURG, Pa. (WKBN) – Restrictions have been temporarily lifted for drivers delivering heating oil and propane gas across the keystone state.

At the direction of Governor Corbett, PennDOT has extended the temporary waiver on certain restrictions on commercial drivers to allow for continued smooth delivery of heating oil and propane gas to homes and businesses for heating purposes.

“Winter shows no signs of easing its barrage of bitterly cold weather, and we are extending the waiver to prevent any possibility of people being left without deliveries of fuel,” said PennDOT Secretary Barry J. Schoch.

The waiver, first issued Jan. 10, extends the limits on hours of service for fuel delivery drivers. Drivers usually must take a mandatory rest period after 11 hours behind the wheel. Under the waiver, the limit for driving hours is extended to 14 hours. Restrictions have also been lifted on the total number of hours worked in a seven or eight day period.

The original waiver was to expire Jan. 25, but has now been extended through Feb. 11 or until the emergency conditions end.

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