Employee charged for heroin-laced Happy Meals

meth lab arrest

PITTSBURGH, Pa. (AP) -Police in and around Pittsburgh have charged five people with possessing heroin that is stamped with street names linked to drugs that investigators believe have caused 22 fatal overdoses in recent weeks.

Forty-one-year-old April Opperman has been jailed by Zelienople police on charges she possessed heroin stamped “Theraflu” after a man who survived a Saturday overdose told police he bought the drugs from Opperman.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh police have arrested two men pulled over in a car, one of whom had 36 of the “Theraflu” individual dose bags in his underwear, while officers in nearby Homestead have warrants for two men after seizing 1,500 baggies of heroin labeled “Bud Ice” from a house.

Investigators say heroin with those two names has tested positive for fentanyl, a strong, synthetic morphine substitute being blamed for the deaths.

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