Salt shortage affecting local companies

salt shortage affecting landscapers

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — The salt shortage affecting municipalities throughout Northeast Ohio is hitting area plowing businesses even harder.

American Beauty Landscaping in Boardman has enough salt left to last for one more week. The company does mostly commercial work, but has not been able to get the supply it needs because its supplier, Morton Salt, is running low.

Municipalities get first dibs on the salt and local businesses get whatever is left. The company has started calling around to other states to replenish its salt supply.

“We all got hit. Throughout the Northeast, the shortage is very widespread. It’s not just a local issue. It’s all over the northeastern United States,” said American Beauty owner Roger Myers. “It’s a problem now cause we have contracts and we must deliver as well, whether it’s the Southern Park Mall or a Mrs. Smith that requires some salt. Demand has become very difficult.”

If the shortage continues, the owner said the company might have to start using sand for jobs. It doesn’t melt the snow and ice, but it provides traction.

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