Class helps dog owners understand pets’ behavior


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — A class at Mill Creek MetroParks Fellows Riverside Garden teaches dog owners how to deal with dogs that show signs of Resource Guarding, including growling or aggressiveness when approached.

The workshop was a part of the park’s Metro Mutts program, aimed at helping dog owners develop better relationships with their pets.

Signs of resource guarding include biting and or growling when you try to take something away from your dog.

The workshop taught people learned how to work with their dogs and manage that resource guarding.

“Maybe they have a favorite treat or a toy that they don’t want to give up and they growl. A lot of dog bites happen through resource guarding where people think, ‘Well, my dog loves me.  I feed them. They won’t bite me.’ If they’re a resource guarder, they will,” explained Linda Kostka, speaker at the program and Mill Creek MetroParks employee.

On Feb. 16, the Metro Mutts program will have its Puppy Love Hike at the Mill Creek Golf Course.

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