Boil alert issued for Campbell

A boil alert has been issued for portions of Brookfield, Township.

CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – Water problems continue to cause headaches in the city of Campbell and as of Monday morning, the entire city is under a boil alert.

The alert went into effect on Sunday, and will remain until further notice. City officials are anticipating lifting the alert some time on Tuesday.

Breaks on Wilson Avenue and Struthers-Liberty Road prompted the boil alert. Officials believe the breaks were caused by aging pipes and the extreme temperature change.

The breaks were fixed about 10 p.m. Sunday, but there is low water pressure at this time and tanks need to be built back up.

In September, Campbell had a water main break on Wilson Ave near Robinson Road. Old pipes were blamed on the break, too.

In January 2011, three-fourths of the city was without water, after breaks on Tremble Avenue and Struthers-Liberty Road. Residents had to boil water for several days.

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