Love abounds at the pound

Mahoning County Dog Pound

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Mahoning County Dog Pound is a temporary home for as many as 70 dogs, and caring for that many furry friends can be a challenge.

In recognition of Valentine’s Day and the special place dogs hold in many hearts, Friends of Fido came up with a simple fundraiser to help out the pound.

By mailing in a Valentine’s Day card and a $1 donation, the group raises money for the pound and the cards decorate the kennel and office area.

“They’ve done things like beds, dog coats; the winter has been so cold,” said Mahoning County Dog Warden Dianne Fry. “Mostly what their purpose is to help the rescues to come in.”

Valentines and donations can be sent to Friends of Fido, P.O. Box 14155, Poland, Ohio 44514. Friends of Fido is asking for a $1 donation with any valentine sent in for the dogs at the pound.

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