Youngstown considers replacing water meters

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Youngstown is looking to replace more than 52,000 water meters in homes and businesses around the city.

An EPA regulation mandates all water meters must be lead free.

The last time the meters were changed was in 1988.

City Council again looked over an ordinance for finding out how much it will cost to buy and install the new water meters plus a meter reading system.

“We anticipate the cost will exceed $25,000, I believe council, they want a specific number, so what we’ll do is just call a couple engineering firms, get an idea, and I’ll re-introduce the legislation with a more firm number,” said Harry Johnson II, Youngstown Water Commissioner.

The project is just starting, but the water commissioner realizes the city needs to keep pushing this since it’s mandated by the federal government.

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