Roses to cost a bundle for holiday

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — If you have not picked up your bouquet of roses for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day, you may be paying more when you go to get them.

An increased demand this year for Valentine’s Day, coupled with the extremely cold weather and a volcanic eruption in Ecuador, have caused prices to increase this year. Florists said they tend to buy better quality products than the box stores that sell them for less.

Deanna Hosey of Something Unique Florist in Austintown said all roses are bought from the same suppliers.

“Obviously, larger companies can buy in larger quantities, so the larger the quantity you purchase, the better prices they are going to be able to get them for. As an independent retailer, we cannot do that, but product quality and care are your biggest difference,” Hosey said.

And if you are looking to make your money last longer with the flowers that you buy, the florist said to make sure you cut the stems of the roses on a slant and put a little bit of bleach in the vase to kill the bacteria.

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