Student Athlete: Lindsay Jaros

Our Student Athlete of the Week is a three-year letterwinner in both soccer and basketball.  This LaBrae senior battled injury her senior Year, but through hard work and dedication, she has still managed to come out on top.

“It’s just like a stress reliever,” says Jaros.  “Playing sports is just kind of an escape from school work and all of the other stuff.”

But for Lindsay Jaros, playing sports her senior year at Labrae, proved to be anything but stress free.

“I was actually in a collision during soccer season, and I ended up breaking my nose.  It was in a scrimmage before the season even began, and I had to wear a face mask all season.

Jaros posted 10 shutouts as the team’s goalie, and earned first team All-District honors.  After soccer, came basketball, and something Jaros never expected.

“I made it through the first couple weeks, but then we started conditioning, that’s when it (back) really started to hurt, and really started to put a lot of pressure on it.  And, it actually turns out I broke a vertebrae in my back during that collision too.”

The break didn’t require surgery, but it did require extensive therapy, a back brace, and a move to the sidelines.

“It was very heartbreaking because I love playing basketball, but I’m just glad I got to play soccer,” explained Jaros.

Jaros was able to score one basket on senior night, and she’s still the team’s captain.  But now being a leader has taken on a new meaning.

“I think I’ll take away a lot things, but mainly just determination can get you a lot of places.”

And her determination in the classroom, is equally as impressive.  Jaros has a 4.0 grade point average, and will be one of the class valedictorians.  She’s already chosen to attend Case Western Reserve University to study Biomedical engineering.  A field she now has first hand knowledge of.

“Biomedical engineers actually make the back brace and the face mask that I had to wear.  So going through this injury process I actually got to see my future career first hand, so it was kind of cool.”

Labrae’s Lindsay Jaros, our Student Athlete of the Week.

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