Police searching for sweet-toothed thief

WEATHERSFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — James Depizzo, 44, of Girard has turned himself in to authorities after a warrant was issued for his arrest earlier this week.

Depizzo was wanted for stealing $300 worth of candy from a Pilot truck stop in Mineral Ridge, Oh.

He appeared in court Thursday and pleaded not guilty.

According to police, Depizzo entered the store on Salt Springs Road, began shoveling cases of candy into a duffle bag, and walked out with the treats, which included Hershey bars with almonds,  Skittles, taffy and gum.

Police said they were able to trace a license plate on the getaway car that was caught on surveillance to Depizzo. Store employees told police this is not the first time Depizzo has stolen candy from the store. It was just the first time they were able to capture his license plate on camera.

A day before that incident, police said Depizzo entered a Sheetz gas station on the same road, allegedly taking $13 worth of goods, including a can of Red Bull.

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