Dr. Shayesteh: Is sugar addictive?

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — Most of us have a sweet tooth, some more than others, but experts say sugar actually can be addictive.

Dr. Shayesteh said new research shows sugar stimulates the pleasure center of our brain exactly the same way as illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin. In laboratory studies, rats chose to eat Oreo cookies rather than cocaine, the doctor said.

He said there is a sugar addiction cycle: Eating high sugar foods makes the brain happy, blood sugar rises fast, blood sugar decreases rapidly and the person then craves more sugar.

However, Dr. Shayesteh said it’s not just obvious foods such as cookies and candy that have lots of sugar in them. He said many foods, such as yogurt, have “hidden sugars” in them and the best thing to do is read food labels and avoid foods with high sugar content.

He said sugar addiction can be reversed and one of the best ways to break the cycle is to eat more protein with meals.

For more on this topic, watch the attached video.

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