Crash on I-80E clogs afternoon traffic


An accident in Mercer Co., Pa., involving four to five semi-truck trailers stopped traffic on Interstate 80’s Eastbound lane earlier Thursday.

The accident happened around mile marker 14 of I-80, according to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Mercer County Office. One person was entrapped in the crash, whom officials believe has been rescued. State police, EMTs, and PennDOT came to the scene.

The accident happened around 11:30 a.m. Thursday, and traffic on I-80 Eastbound between exits 4A and 15 grinded to a halt for about three hours. All lanes of traffic are now open.

The westbound lane was temporarily closed for about two miles near Exit 15 to allow emergency vehicles to get to the scene.

There is currently no word on the cause of the accident.  PennDOT Official Jim Carroll confirmed that there was greatly reduced visibility at the time due to snowy conditions.

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