Fish fry tradition continues

VIENNA, Ohio (WKBN) — Friday is the first Friday of Lent, and that means area churches are vying for peoples’ dinner dollars for the next six weeks.

“It’s a good money maker for the church,” said Patty Infante, a volunteer at St. Brendan’s Church fish fry.

With the rising costs of necessities like utilities, volunteers said the money raised from serving dinners is great.

“All our money goes back to the church to help operate the church and help cover expenses,” Infante said.

Bob Rose, a volunteer at St. Thomas the Apostle in Vienna, agreed.

“It’s important for the church. It gives the church the flexibility to buy the stuff they need,” Rose said.

Both churches said they can serve upwards of 700 people each Friday, and with dinners going for about $10 a plate, that’s some serious cash.

“It varies from year to year. It depends a lot on the weather. Like we should have a good day today because it’s nice out. It’s 45 degrees. We’ve had times when we were snowed in and we didn’t make hardly anything, but we’ll make close to $7,000 today,” Rose said.

But it’s not just about the money.

“We do it not just to make money, but to bring the people together,” Infante said.

Volunteers said that although it takes a lot of preparation and hard work, it’s rewarding to see the finished product.

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