Snow causes problems, cancels events

March 12, 2014 winter storm.
March 12, 2014 winter storm.

Snowfall in the Mahoning Valley, and especially Trumbull County, is causing problems Wednesday for local governments, schools, and organizations.

The Youngstown Street Department was unable to pre-treat roads in anticipation of the snow due to the morning’s rainfall.

Kent State University closed its Trumbull County campus at 1 p.m. for the remainder of the day due to weather. KSU’s Ahtabula, CPM, Geauga, and Kent campuses are also seeing various closings today.

The rain, ice, and snow mix has also canceled today’s cookie deliveries for the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio.

Once the snow has cleared, PennDOT crews will return their attention to fixing potholes generated by winter’s relentless freeze-thaw cycles and repeated storms, according to a news release from the Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation.

Drivers are encouraged to slow down whenever they encounter these moving operations or see PennDOT vehicles along roadsides.

This year’s severe and early outbreak of potholes resulted from snow and ice seeping into pavements and temperature swings above and below the freezing mark.

A pothole develops when water penetrates into a roadway through pavement cracks and then freezes and expands, knocking loose small pieces of pavement. As cars and trucks ride over the area, cracks enlarge, more water enters and the cycle repeats itself to the point where the pavement fails.

Citizens can report potholes on state highways by calling 1-800-FIX-ROAD (1-800-349-7623).


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