Caring Scholarship 3rd Runner Up – Kelly Sweeney

3rd Runner Up:

Kelly Sweeney
Senior – Struthers High School
Goodwill Industries

Background: The scene takes place in a suburban area on a sunny spring day. A man is taking items he no longer wants to the curb, such as: clothing, furniture, books, and other odds and ends. While doing this, a neighbor walks past and asks what he is doing.

Jim: “Hey Marc, why are you throwing out all of these good items?”

Marc: “Well, I was doing some spring cleaning and decided I didn’t need these items anymore.”

Jim: “Oh, well did you know, that you can donate these items to a local Goodwill.  Donating items there and shopping there will help support their mission of training and employing people with disabilities.

Marc: “Wow, I didn’t know that Jim! Not only can I get rid of unwanted items, but I can help people too. I’ll be sure to tell everyone I know!

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