Caring Scholarship 4th Runner Up – Thomas Sunseri

4th Runner Up:

Thomas Sunseri
Senior – TCTC
Alzheimer’s Association

The video would show an elderly woman talking about how Alzheimer’s has effected her marriage between her and her husband, a young lady who describes how Alzheimer’s effects her and her dads relationship, and a little girl who does not understand Alzheimer’s, describing how trips to her grandparents are not the same anymore.

Elderly Woman: My husband has Alzheimer’s, 49 years we’ve been married and now he doesn’t even remember my name. *Tear drops*

-Cuts to Young Lady-

Young Lady: My Dad has Alzheimer’s, he always said i was his special little girl but all he says now is who are you?

-Cuts to Little Girl-

Little Girl: My grandpa has Alzheimer’s, my mom says its a disease that makes you forget. Visiting my grandparents isn’t the same anymore.

-Cuts to all 3-

Little Girl: With your help we can help grandpas remember.

Young Lady: With help we can bring families with Alzheimer’s back together.

Elderly Woman: And with the help of Alzheimer’s Association of Greater East Ohio, hopefully.

All Three: We can find a cure.

Visit, or call 1-800-272-3900 24/7 Helpline for more information.

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