Youngstown men arrested after allegedly assaulting pregnant woman

C'quan Cross was arrested in connection to a shots fired at the Denny's in Liberty, Ohio.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Youngstown Police arrested Joseph Lightfoot and Joseph Jenkins late Monday night on charges of felonious assault after they allegedly took part in assaulting a pregnant woman, according to a police report.

Police were called to an apartment in the area of 2600 Tyrell Avenue Monday night, where they chased down Lightfoot, who had a firearm on him. According to the report, Divinia Berger said that Lightfoot, Jenkins, and other members of Lightfoot’s family came to the apartment to pick up some belongings of Lightfoot’s.

More information: Police report for this story

When Berger refused to give the belongings over, saying she needed the approval of her sister, who lives at the same house and has children with Lightfoot, according to the report. At that point, Lightfoot and Jenkins pulled Berger out of the apartment by her hair and then attacked her, along with the other family members, according to Berger’s testimony. At least one witness reported hearing gunshots as well.

Police observed no injuries on Berger but noted her shirt was ripped and her hair was messed up.

The report says Berger is nine months pregnant.

Berger and Lightfoot were transported to the emergency room at St. Elizabeth Health Center.

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