Group working to provide safety net for airline startup

VIENNA, Ohio (WKBN) – As officials with the Youngstown Warren Regional Airport inch closer to a deal with United Airlines to expand service, a non-profit organization is challenging local leaders to support funding the effort.

The airport secured a Department of Transportation grant worth $780,000, and the Port Authority provided $420,000 in matching funds.

United Airlines pondering daily service from Valley

Officials with Youngstown Air Partners are seeking additional funding they say is needed to lure the airline to the airport. The money will provide United with a revenue guarantee during start-up.

“If they lose any money for the first quarter, than we make it up for the airlines so we continuously work that grant so that they are profitable over the first year,” said Dennis Gartland, president of Youngstown Air Partners.

Youngstown Air Partners is trying to raise an additional $450,000.

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