Still breaking snow records this Winter!

Weather Shoveling-Snow

What a Winter!  We are still adding to the snow totals as we slip into the early part of Spring.

The season snow totals add up from July of one year to July of the next.  For example, this snow season started in July of 2013 and will continue to July of 2014.

Here is where we stand.  This season has accumulated 87.1″ of snow to this point at the Youngstown/Warren regional airport.  That is 28.3″ above normal! We are currently the 4th snowiest season on Record.

Looking at where we rank in the record books:

1.) 2010-11     118.7″
2.)2007-08   102.8″
3.)2006-07    90.2″
4.)2013-14     87.1″
5.)2008-09    86.5″
6.)1950-51     85.3″
7.)1992-93     82.5″
8.)1962-63     82.0″
9.)2004-05    81.2″
10.) 1993-94  81.0″
Note: We just bumped 2012-13 out of the Top Ten this Season.

The season is not over as more snow could fall this Spring.  Check back for updates through the rest of the Spring to see how far we climb in the record books.

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