Fire in sky from Hilcorp well


LOWELLVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) — WKBN received numerous calls Thursday about an “orange glow” or “fireball” in the sky around the Poland and Lowellville area.

One of the callers said she lives near U.S. Route 422 in New Castle and could see the glow.

It turns out the glow was from a burn-off of gas at the Hilcorp Energy Carbon Limestone Utica well site, which was ordered several weeks ago by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to temporarily halt operations after a series of minor earthquakes near the production well.

Gas flares, or flare stacks, are used to eliminate waste gas that is not feasible to use or transport. They also act as a safety system and release pressure through a relief valve.

The reason the glow could be seen for so many miles is because there were low hanging clouds in the area, which reflected the flare.


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