Life Line to Healing Boot Camp brings message to Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Organizations around the valley met this evening to try and bring the community closer together

It is called Life Line to Healing Northeastern Ohio Boot Camp.

Several different organizations throughout the area participated.

The goal is to create new opportunities in the area by addressing violence.

One of the speakers says that community organizing trains people to build and exercise

“With the incarceration rate what it is, the economics what it is, we really need to bethe  education and the opportunity that we have is to bring people here to talk people about these issues and brief them on the issues and to figure out how they can bring them into action around them,” said Damian Calvert, a speaker at the Life Line to Healing Northeastern Ohio Boot Camp.

Calvert spent nearly 19 years in prison and shared his story to the crowd this evening.


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