Red Cross strives to prepare public for safety every day

NILES, Ohio (WKBN) — The American Red Cross wants to make sure you’re ready for disaster.

So they’re giving families tests on preparedness and safety knowledge.

It’s all part of Preparedness Day.

The goal is to teach people the importance of being “red cross ready” if there’s a disaster.

People visiting the Eastwood Mall were given a test.

Trained Red Cross volunteers then went over them with the test-takers.

“This is our opportunity to showcase part of the Red Cross’ work. we’re grateful to all of our volunteers at dominion for helping us make this possible, but when they take the test they’re given a first aid kit which of course will remind them all year that safety is so important,” said Karen Conklin, executive director, Red Cross of the Mahoning Valley.

Volunteers say the most common misconception is that the leading cause of house fires is candles.

So what’s the actual leading cause?  Cooking.

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