Teams lay out plan to handle chemical spill

Trumbull emergency plan

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Preparing for a disaster often includes conducting a mock drill but even the mock drill takes planning.

That’s exactly what was going on Tuesday in Warren. The Trumbull County Emergency Management Agency and the Trumbull County Local Emergency Planning Committee met for what they called a “table top” exercise.

Members spent the day laying out a plan for how they would respond to a hazardous chemical spill.

“Right now, it is just a table top. Next year, we will take it into a functional, full-scale, hands-on event,” said Trumbull County Emergency Management Director Linda Beil. “Today was really tough because you just sit around and talk about it. It is kind of hard to sit and talk about something when you actually need to be visualizing doing it.”

The mock drills are held every four years.

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