82-year old bowler finds perfection

Bowling has been a passion for Bob Richardson for nearly 60 years, now 82, his love and skill for the game has not faded. He’s bowled six perfect games during his career.

“It is a thrill, you want to keep going, you want to keep doing everything the same way and keep striking. I had 27 strikes in a row one time, in February,” Richardson said.

In fact, he bowled back to back 300 games in a 9 pin count this February, adding to his previous 4 perfect games. But, above all, Richardson loves the atmosphere the game brings.

“The camaraderie here is really good. All the guys are nice guys, and they help you out any way that they can. They always greet you when you get a strike. They greet you and clap your hand…it’s good,” he said.

And they’re good. Many of the bowlers in the senior mixed league average over 200 and have perfect games of their own. There’s really only one difference.

“All the guys are older. And they enjoy it more I think, it’s not like guys are trying to beat your brains out ya know,” Richardson added.

And Richardson plans to enjoy it for years to come.

“It’s something else you can do. You can do it all your life, till you get 100 years old if you want. I’m 82 and I’m still bowling about like I was 20 years ago.”

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