Woman beats purse snatcher with snow scraper

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Crime hit close to home for us here at WKBN as a member of our staff and Youngstown State University trustee was attacked during a purse snatching Wednesday afternoon.

Dee Crawford, who is the community affairs director for WKBN and host of “Sunday Mornings with Dee” was robbed of her purse as she was getting into her car on Idlewood Avenue.

Crawford said she had just come out of her relative’s house and got into her SUV when she saw somebody walk behind her vehicle. Before she knew it, the man was in the front seat and grabbed her purse.

“He snatched my purse, which I still had attached to me and drug me across the console,” said Crawford. “I beat him with my snow scraper but he took off down the drive. So, I am a statistical victim today.”

Crawford’s purse was found on the next street over, only her wallet was stolen.

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