Beef prices skyrocket

SOUTHINGTON, Ohio (WKBN) — The price of beef has skyrocketed over the past month, and meat retailers have seen a drastic increase in prices.

Charlanne Farms Country Meats in Southington saw its first big increase in beef prices in early March. It started with the ground products and hamburger items and later trickled down to other meats.

“Our strip steak, porterhouse steaks, T-bones, ribeyes,” said Wayne Plott, vice president of of Charlanne Farms.

Plott said prices have gone up about 40 percent on most of the beef products.

“The steak items went up about $2 a pound. Your ground beef items, almost $1 a pound. So it’s quite an increase,” Plott said.

Charlanne Farms gets all of its beef from a supplier in Kansas. And they are aware of why the prices have jumped.

“They said they just don’t have the cattle. The cattle aren’t out there,” Plott said. “There’s not as many farmers raising the beef, so when you have a demand and you don’t have the supply, naturally what happens is the prices go up.”

Rachel Platt of Burghill said she was shocked when she went shopping and took a look at the prices.

“Went to the market two weeks ago. The price of beef has gone up so significantly,” Platt said. “It’s added probably about $100, $125 to my grocery budget.”

Some food banks may feel the effects as well.

But for the Second Harvest Food Bank, all of its beef is donated from local grocery stores and meat producers. They supply meat to about 150 different food pantries in the tri-county area.

“We take our supply of meats and poultry and we allocate it based on the number of people that our pantries feed,” said Second Harvest executive director Mike Iberis.

Managers at Charlanne Farms expect beef prices to be up at least through early summer.

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