Bear steals snack, leaves paw prints

HUBBARD, Ohio (WKBN) – A bear has apparently set up housekeeping in Hubbard. A black bear has been spotted at least three times in different neighborhoods in town.

Last night, a bear was roaming the area of Saul Drive. Francis Rydarowicz said he woke Friday morning, went outside and noticed the peanut box he leaves out for squirrels was broken and all of the peanuts were gone.

Bear spotted in Hubbard

Rydarowicz said further investigation revealed bear tracks in his yard. One of his neighbors told him she actually saw what looked like a baby bear roaming the neighborhood at around midnight while out walking her dog.

“I could not figure out how it got broken. I thought maybe a big, heavy raccoon or something,” said Rydarowicz. “Then I come out, walked out of the house and I see bear tracks all over my driveway-some pretty big bear tracks.”

The bear has not been spotted in the neighborhood since last night.

Other bear sightings were reported Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

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