Community helps ‘Erase/Replace’ Dave Grohl Alley

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — The community banded together to help revitalize Dave Grohl Alley in downtown Warren. The popular alley displays artwork depicting musician Dave Grohl, of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, who was born in Warren, Ohio.

Artists from across Northeast Ohio came out to David Grohl Alley to add artwork to art that was damaged when someone vandalized drawings two weeks ago.

“We have artists down here trying to cover up the graffiti and reclaim some of the artwork,” said Joe O’Grady, spokesperson for Dave Grohl Alley.

O’Grady helped create the outside art gallery, which runs through a back alley in downtown Warren, five years ago.

The community support was evident. Janis Soldani of Warren was shocked that someone could wreak so much havoc on such a beautiful place in the city.

“I couldn’t believe it. I just thought why would anybody want to do something like this after all the hard work people put into this. And it’s so nice for the city,” said Soldani.

The event is also a fundraiser. People can make donations to the Trumbull Art Gallery, and 100 percent of the funds will be donated towards the revitalization project.

Rumors of Grohl making an appearance at the event came up empty. However, his uncle, Tom Grohl, was in attendance. He said the community support helped soften the sting of the incident.

“It’s just a great effort by the people of Warren and all of David’s fans. And I know he really appreciates this, as everyone in our family does,” said Grohl.

Police have a warrant out for the person believed to be responsible for the vandalism. He has ties to the area, but police think he fled to Florida.

“We just want you to pay your dues for the damage that you did. Come on back and turn yourself in,” finished O’Grady.

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