Motorcycle club hosts memorial run

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — The Boogie Down Motorcycle Club hosted a memorial run in memory of a young man who was murdered back in October.

Saturday would have been Richard Rollison’s 25th birthday, that’s why the club members are taking a ride through Warren wearing T-shirts that ead “stop the violence.”

All the money raised is going towards Rollison’s unborn child.

They hope to raise $1,000 to help his son out. Rollison’s father hopes that this memorial ride will help teach young people that there are other ways then resorting to violence.

“I’m just trying to show these young people that there’s a better way than resulting to violence, cause once you pick up a gun and take that life, you don’t give a life back. People hurt and I’m still hurting like it was yesterday,” said Richard C. Rollison III.

The Boogie Down Motorcycle Club is currently accepting donations. They’re located on West Market Street in Warren.

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