Brush fire spreads quickly in Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — A brush fire on Youngstown’s East Side Monday afternoon caused some problems for firefighters trying to put it out.

The fire was in the woods along Route 616 near Coitsville Township. It was spreading quickly when Youngstown fire crews arrived on the the scene.

Four other departments were eventually called in to help. At one point, the fire threatened several homes on Route 616. The weather helped fuel the fire.

“You kind of saw this coming with the weather conditions. Breezy, dry, warm and right now the brush is dry. If you get somebody that is burning outside and the wind picks up and carries ember, that’s all it takes,” said Youngstown Fire Battalion Chief Gary DiTullio.

Crews also ran into problems with the soft ground. Their trucks became stuck in spots.

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