Local Catholics celebrate new saints

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Catholics throughout the Valley gathered for a mass of Thanksgiving celebrating the newest saints.

It was a historic day for Catholics, especially for the Polish community, as Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII officially become Saints.

“I called my parents, we’re all so excited about it you know it’s a great day for us,” said Polish exchange student Kinga Wiltzko.

Vicar General of the Diocese of Youngtown, Robert Siffrin, said that this day held special significance to Pope John Paul II.

“The second Sunday of Easter is also been called Divine Mercy Sunday, very favorite devotion of Pope John Paul II was the Divine Mercy, started by Saint Faustina in Poland and this was decades ago so he emphasized God’s mercy when it comes to celebrate God’s love and forgiveness also that’s why today was chosen for the cannonization,” said Siffrin.

“Having a countryman from Poland the homeland of my parents is incredibly satisfying to me as a Polish-American,” added Stas Kmiec, Culture Editor for the Polish American Journal.

“It is fantastic but you know I must say he really deserved it you know as I told before, he unified so many different cultures and different religions you know he was very peaceful,” finished Wiltzko.

Dozens of people gathered at St. Columba Cathedral to celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving, honoring their faith’s newest saints.

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