Modern popes enter sainthood


VATICAN CITY (AP) – Catholics from around the world streamed into rome to witness a historic day at the vatican.
two late popes were made saints on Sunday.

The Vatican said it expected 1 million people to gather in Saint Peter’s Square for the first dual canonization of former popes, followed by a Mass. Giant screens were also set up nearby to allow those who didn’t make it into the square to follow proceedings.

Pope Emeritus Benedict the 16th, who resigned the papacy last year, was also there.

His predecseesor, John Paul the second, who was wildly popular during his nearly 27 years as pontiff, was granted sainthood, as was John the 23rd, who is remembered as “Good Pope John,” a church reformer who ushered-in the second Vatican council.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.


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