Career choices abound for women in energy

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – If you have been thinking jobs in the booming oil and natural gas industry in this part of Ohio and Pennsylvania are just for men, think again. Presenters at a seminar in Canfield said more women are becoming interested in the male dominated industry.

Callie Zazzi was one of a number of speakers at the Women in Energy Summit at the Mahoning County Career and Technical Center. She is an engineering supervisor for Ener Vest, the largest producer of conventional oil and gas in Ohio.

Zazzi said she first became interested in the business at a high school job fair.

“They recognized that there was a need for women in the industry, and they were providing scholarships to young women so I took the opportunity,” said Zazzi.

Sitting up front at the seminar were several female career center students who liked what they heard.

“I’ve never really thought about it because I want to go into a more science related field like veterinary, but I’m actually pretty interested in it now,” said Josie Brown of North Lima.

“It is a good possibility now. I want to research more to see what I can do and what it will take,” said Rebekah King of Lowellville.

Experts claim right now there are at least 75 different professions working in the industry.

“Anything from a petroleum engineer to a geologist, a seismologist, hydrologist, and then you go down into the trades,” said Rhonda Reda, Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Program.

Reda said the need for skilled trades goes far beyond just oil and gas, claiming there are 2,000 empty welding positions here in Ohio right now and the demand for STEM-related backgrounds will continue to grow as well.

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