Pregnant Youngstown woman runs over ex-husband’s lover

Takia Wright runs over ex-husband's lover

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Police arrested seven-months-pregnant Takia Wright, 22, of Youngstown, on charges of felony assault and endangering children after she ran over her ex-husband’s girlfriend, also pregnant, late Sunday night in the parking lot of Valley View Apartments in Youngstown after leaving the scene of an argument between the two, according to a police report.

Police found the victim, identified in the police report only by her last name, Lyons, lying on the ground. She said Wright backed her own car into Lyons’ sport utility vehicle, where Lyons’ son was seated in a car seat. Lyons then placed herself in front of Wright’s car to stop her, at which point Wright ran her over and fled the scene, according to the report.

Emergency workers took Lyons, who is four months pregnant, from the scene to the hospital, and Lyons’ family took her son to the hospital. Wright later returned to the scene of the argument, where police then arrested her.

David Wright is Takia Wright’s ex-husband and also the father of Lyons’ unborn child, according to testimony in the report.

Wright had her three young children in the car with her when she ran Lyons over, according to the police report.

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