Bike tour to benefit Salvation Army

Bike tour to benefit Salvation Army

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A Salvation Army officer and two board members are gearing up to pedal for the pantry.

Coordinator Major Elijah Kahn along with board members Tim Clayton and Doctor C.J. Julius will bike in the upcoming Tour of Scioto Valley River.

They’re taking on the 210-mile bicycle ride to raise awareness and funds for the Salvation Army’s food pantry and kitchen.

More than 1,000 Valley families receive groceries from the pantry each month.

“There are hungry people in our community. When we talk about hunger, it is not something from faraway places, but right here in our community,” said Kahn. “We are hoping that this endeavor will generate funding so that we can keep food on our shelves to help those in need because hunger does not discriminate.”

The Salvation Army hopes to raise $3,500.

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