Man tried to pass phony cash at thrift shop

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A man with counterfeit bills stuffed into his pants and shirt pockets tried to pass the phony money at a thrift shop in Youngstown.

Police were called to the People’s Thrift Store on Mahoning Avenue Monday afternoon after Anthony West Junior, 29, of Austintown, allegedly tried to pay for his purchase with a counterfeit $100.

Police uncovered about $3,600 of counterfeit bills in West’s front pants pocket and shirt pocket. According to the police report, the bills were off in color and cut and didn’t have a watermark. Several of the bills had the same serial number.

The counterfeit cash was seized with about $700 that found in West’s wallet. It is not clear if that money was also counterfeit. Police also turned in as evidence a bag West had that contained letters addressed to the Marysville prison and packages of photos.

West was arrested on charges of criminal simulation. The Secret Service was informed of the arrest.

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