Dr. Shayesteh: Pre-pregnancy diet and baby’s DNA

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — Everyone has heard the phrase “You are what you eat.” But what if you are what you ate when your mother was pregnant with you?

Dr. Shayesteh said previous studies using animals showed foods the mother ate during pregnancy altered the DNA of their young. But for the first time, new studies using human subjects show that a woman’s diet even before her pregnancy has a significant impact on the function of the DNA of the baby and the changes are permanent.

These changes can affect the mental and physical development of the baby.

Dr. Shayesteh said previous research showed DNA was the command center for our bodies. But new research shows every DNA strand has a chemical tagging on it called epigenomes, which are now considered the body’s command center and control all of our genetic functions.

He said these epigenomes can trigger cancer or suppress it, depending on a person’s diet. Dr. Shayesteh said that while a person’s DNA is set for life, their epigenomes can be controlled by diet and nutrition, which then controls the DNA function.

He said because of this new research, it is important for a woman to follow a healthy, well-balanced diet not only while pregnant, but also before pregnancy.

“What we eat at any stage of life can have an impact on our DNA,” Dr. Shayesteh said.

For more information on this topic, watch the attached video.



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