Boardman holds 10th prom with Breathalyzer tests

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — Friday night was prom night for many area high schools.

In Boardman, prom night marked a unique anniversary: It has been 10 years since the district began requiring Breathalyzer tests to get into dances. The principal said the district could not have asked for better results.

“In the 10 years, we have not had anyone blow positive on the Breathalyzer, so it’s been very successful,” said principal Jared Cardillo.

The school requires a Breathalyzer before every dance, not just prom. So by the time juniors and seniors make it to prom, it’s no big deal.

“It was weird at first, like freshman year. But now, I am used to it,” said student Nick Wells.

Most people we talked to were actually in favor of it.

“Safer for people driving home, making sure no one is drinking at prom,” said student Ashley Kelley.

There was only one complaint.

“It helps, yeah. But it’s hard. You can’t really use mouthwash, so your breath stinks,” said student Alexis Madeline.

But the teens said it would be even worse to get caught drinking on prom night.

“That would be very embarrassing,” said Hannah Deascentis.

Boardman police were on hand to make sure nothing got out of control. The prom was held at Mr. Anthony’s Banquet Hall on South Avenue.

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