Dozens of Trumbull County students receive scholarships

Trumbull County ESC scholarship breakfast

HOWLAND, Ohio (WKBN) — The Trumbull County Educational Service Center held its 26th annual scholarship breakfast on Thursday at Leo’s Ristorante.

The awards are granted based on the students’ academic record, final GPA and rank, ACT/SAT scores, community-based activities and the quality of a written essay describing the student’s interests in life.

Robert McKay of Lakeview High School received the $2,500 Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Award. Jac Boyle of Lakeview High School and Michael Davidson of McDonald High School each won a $1,500 Stanley L. and Grace A. Woofter Scholarship.

The following students each won a $200 Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Textbook Award:

  • Rachel Fenton, Bloomfield-Mespo High School
  • Saahirah Cua, Bristol High School
  • Sabrina Klink, Brookfield High School
  • Jenna Parry, Champion High School
  • Michaela Bundy, Girard High School
  • Heba Mahjoub, Howland High School
  • Danielle Bucci, Hubbard High School
  • Colton Kellogg, Joseph Badger High School
  • Lindsay Jaros, LaBrae High School
  • Noah Persson, Liberty High School
  • Allan Metz, Lordstown High School
  • Rebecca Shelton, Maplewood High School
  • Madeline Grimes, Mathews High School
  • Bailee DáAmore, McDonald High School
  • Stephanie Baringer, Newton Falls High School
  • Casey Sudzina, Niles High School
  • Emily Lather, Southington High School
  • Choniece Phillips, Warren Harding High School
  • Michael Craver, Weathersfield High School

The following students received a $500 Paul A. Watson Scholarship:

  • Sage Baker, Bloomfield-Mespo High School
  • Saahirah Cua, Bristol High School
  • Hayley Hogue, Brookfield High School
  • Shannon Sumner, Champion High School
  • Jimmy Standohar, Girard High School
  • Morgan Miller, Howland High School
  • Hyowon Kim, Hubbard High School
  • John Nader, Warren John F. Kennedy High School
  • Danielle Ford, Joseph Badger High School
  • Alexa Nogales, Labrae High School
  • Alexa Goffos, Lakeview High School
  • Alana Landers, Liberty High School
  • Allan Metz, Lordstown High School
  • Rebecca Shelton, Maplewood High School
  • Wyatt Ford, Mathews High School
  • Jaydin Stellmar, McDonald High School
  • Emmalee Antill, Newton Falls High School
  • Carly Cogar, Niles High School
  • Brittany Sherwood, Southington High School
  • Elizabeth Pospisil, Trumbull Career and Technical Center
  • Julia Coursen, Victory Christian
  • William Anastrasiodis, Warren Harding High School
  • Rosie Gleason, Weathersfield High School
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