A look back: Jim Tressel at YSU

Reporter Amy Radinovic talked to Jim Tressel while he was head football coach at Youngstown State University.

When asked about his kids, Tressel said, “Which ones?” The ones at home or the ones on the field. Both sets mean a lot to him.

“I hope to treat my players as if they are my children, and I hope we talk about them being as good as they can be in everything they do; in their academics and their faith, community activities,” Tressel said.

At 37, Jim has coaching in his blood. His father was head coach at Cleveland’s Baldwin Wallace college for years.

“Because our house was next door to the stadium, and our house was on campus, and so I think a lot of my role models were just watching how people acted,” Tressel said. “I don’t really think it’s what you say because I don’t remember one thing that the college students or football players said, but what you do speaks louder than what you say.”

Jim has brought the YSU Penguins to this year’s 11-0 season. He’s held four other coaching jobs, and he and his family are happy that they are now here in Youngstown.

“Being here five years, we feel like we’ve been here forever, and that doesn’t bother me,” Tressel said. “I feel good about where we are, our friends, and the direction the university is taking.”

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