Red Cross has big role in helping fire victims heal

CANFIELD, Ohio — It’s situations like that when the Red Cross can play a vital role in a family’s healing after a disaster.

Today, first responders teamed up with the Red Cross to show folks exactly what happens after a fire, and how the Red Cross can help.

It’s a “mission moment” called “feel the heat”

“To watch it on tv – firefighters or service people is one thing, but to actually be up close in person to see it, it gives you a whole new appreciation, a whole new understanding of what should happen if you have a fire in your home it was life-changing,” said Bruce Sherman, a participant.

The purpose of this event is to show folks what the Red Cross does to help fire victims.

Karen Conklin says they get hundreds of calls each year.

“We have volunteers on call 24 hours a day and if a call comes out from a fire department then these volunteers are on a rotating schedule and they are there and they respond to the fire they talk to the victims, put them up in a hotel we provide shelter, food, clothing, and that emotional support for someone who’s probably in that moment lost everything they owned,” said Karen Conklin, executive director, Red Cross of the Mahoning Valley.

Boardman Fire Chief George Brown says several calls come from his department.

“It happens a lot and we’re just one community again they’re covering three counties now so they’re very busy but again it’s what the red cross mission is and it’s what they do,” said Chief, George Brown, Boardman Fire Department.

“We are your Red Cross and we have to raise every dime that we turn around and give away so you know that this has been a tough year we need financial support,” said Brown.

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