Warren fire under investigation

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) — Warren firefighters battled a blaze in near 90-degree temperatures Tuesday afternoon on the city’s northwest side.

Initial calls said there might have been dogs inside the house.

Assistant Fire Chief Neil Heller said when crews got to 827 Comstock St. N.W., they saw smoke coming from back of the house. The initial investigation shows a mattress burned in a back bedroom on the first floor, but it is unclear what sparked the fire.

A neighbor said she heard what sounded like glass breaking a couple hours before seeing the smoke.

“So I walked outside and I had looked out back and I had seen somebody breaking the windows out in the back, but I didn’t think anything of it. I thought it was some construction or something,” said neighbor Jami Grimm.

“We figured out that the homeowner was not here, he normally works this time of day, but they were concerned that there were some dogs inside,” Heller said.

No animals or people were inside the home when the fire started, but there were a couple dogs tied up outside.

Warren police and fire departments continue to investigate how the fire started. The home is not a total loss, but will need to be repaired.

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