5 keys found in social media treasure hunt


CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — The anonymous man behind the social media treasure hunt for free money was at it again on Friday.

The donor behind Ohio Hidden Cash said Friday afternoon that he would hide 25 keys all over the area and all open a lock box that eventually will be the pinnacle of the treasure hunt game. On Friday night, he hid keys in Canfield, Boardman, Warren, Hubbard and Niles.

He encouraged people to wear glow sticks and bring flashlights for the search that began at dusk. All five keys were found in less than an hour and the finders posted pictures on the donor’s Facebook page because posting photos is part of the game.

Dave Littler and his son Griffin found a key on a tree in Canfield’s Greasel Park.

“I think it’s something good for the community. I mean, some people might take it a little too aggressive. But I mean, as long as people have fun with it and pay it forward once they win something, I got no problem with it,” Littler said.

The other key finders and the locations were:

  • John Durda and Debbie Durda Fuge, Packard property in Warren
  • Meghan Miller, Stevens Park in Niles
  • Corey Sharp, school complex in Boardman
  • Heather Morgan, Harding Park in Hubbard.

Also, Kira Pregi found a key at a location in Hubbard before the clue was given, so Ohio Hidden Cash hid another one for everyone else.

Sixteen more keys still need to be hidden. Once all 25 are found, teams will compete to find and open a lock box.

More than 10,000 people have liked the Facebook page since it was created a week ago.

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