Police probe pedestrian fatality in Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Youngstown City Prosecutor Dana Lantz will have to decide whether or not to file charges once a police investigation of a fatal collision in Youngstown is complete.

According to Youngstown Police, 79-year-old Glen Tohm from the west side of Youngstown ran over 69-year-old Loretta Lewis from Woodland Place in Canfield Twp. with his car in the parking lot of the Cornersburg Sparkle Market on South Meridian Road around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday evening.

According to police, the driver was going forward when the woman walked in front of him and he mistook the brake for the gas and hit the woman before crashing into the building.

An initial police report which said Tohm was backing up when he hit the woman was incorrect.

A witness said Tohm appeared to be having trouble parking in one of the handicapped parking spaces and the woman was struck as she was walking either to or from her car, which was parked about 10 spaces away. No groceries were found near the victim, police said.

The witness said the car struck Lewis, who is believed to live nearby, dragged her a short distance and then struck the building. Emergency workers pronounced her dead at the scene.

The witness said the driver got out of his car after striking the woman and was visibly distraught and shaken. He was taken to the hospital to be checked out and also gave a statement to police before being released.

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