Storm cleanup continues for Lisbon community

LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) — In Lisbon, the cleanup from Wednesday’s storm is still under way.

From street to street, downed trees are creating a lot of work for people living in the damaged areas.

“The back porch is gone, its going to go to the scrap yard,” said resident Nicole Thompson, whose home was damaged in the storm. “Cutting down trees off our roof, you couldn’t see the house earlier.”

Thompson and fellow resident Terry Thomas were inside their Lisbon home when the storm moved through. Large parts of three different trees crashed through their roof.

“Kaboom, kaboon, kaboom; it sounded like the whole house was falling,” explained Thompson.

Large uprooted trees are only a portion of what the Lisbon community has to deal with. The storm also forced a few people to stay at Red Cross Shelters in town after losing power from the storm.

“Vietnam, danger zone, it was really bad over there,” said Rosalie Shannon, who is now staying at the Red Cross Shelter.

“Tiring, yes, and heartbreaking,” added Glenda Metts, also seeking refuge at the shelter.

At last count there were at least four people staying in the Red Cross. They hope to be back to their homes by Friday.

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